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The leaders of the Liaoning free trade area and the leaders of the Shenyang municipal Party committee have visited our party to supervise the work of Party building at the grass-roots level.

2020-06-11 11:00:51 Xyelong Forty

Six On the morning of 9 June, comrade Wang Zhifei, deputy director of the Party Working Committee of the Shenyang District of the Liaoning free trade area, and Comrade Yang Yining, director of the Party Building Work Department of the non-public economic organization of the Shenyang municipal Party committee, Fan Yongtao, Minister of Party and group work of the Shenyang Area Management Committee of the Liaoning free trade area, and Yang Chen, the deputy director of the Party Construction Department of the Shenyang municipal Party Committee Organization Department, were sent to me at various levels. Inspection. Yingkou Li Qizhi, Vice Minister of the Ministry of organization, Secretary of Liu Xingzhen, Wei Qun, Chief Secretary of the Yingkou free trade area, Secretary of the Party committee, comrade Zhang Dong, Minister of organization Tan Ying and vice minister. Zhao Jing Accompanied by a tour guide.

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Ji Chao explains the development process of the company for leaders.

 Picture keywords   Ji Chao is reporting on Party building for leaders.

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Ji Chao, trade union chairman of the general Party branch secretary of the company, warmly welcomed the arrival of leaders and leaders at all levels, and briefly introduced some achievements made by Liaoning Baoshan group in the field of business and Party building. Ji Chao said that as the Liaoning provincial advanced party organization, the provincial level enterprise technology center and the famous brand products, the development of the company can not be separated from the care and support of the leaders at all levels.

During the inspection, deputy secretary Wang Zhifei carefully inquired into the concrete situation of the party building work in the past year by the Party branch at the grass-roots level. After focusing on the development of the organization life meeting and the education and management of Party members, we fully affirmed our party's achievements in building the party. At the same time, we also raised our expectations for the future work.

 Picture keywords Deputy Secretary Wang Zhifei gave instructions to our party building work.

The visit guidance is not only an affirmation, but also a promotion for our party building. The Party committee of Liaoning Baoshan group will further improve the party building system so that the party building work can be rooted in the grass roots and win support for the people. We must adhere to the core of the party and serve the overall situation, making it the backbone of enterprise innovation and tackling difficulties.