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  • Liaoning Baoshan Group donated 5000 masks for journalists from Yingkou news and media center.

    Like the medical workers who fight against the epidemic, journalists are no doubt the "counter traveler" in this campaign. In the critical period of epidemic prevention, journalists from the Yingkou news and media center have been rushing to the news scene of epidemic prevention and control in the city, conveying the voice of the party and government with a piece of report, giving the public strength and hope. In March 10th, Zhang Yan, the chairman of Liaoning Baoshan group, went to the Yingkou news media center, representing the enterprises to hold their posts during the epidemic situation, and sent 5000 masks to reporters who interviewed on the front line. Thank reporters for taking the trouble to record the selfless feelings of the whole people. Since the outbreak

    2020-03-12 Xyelong One hundred and nine

  • Baoshan is taking action against epidemic prevention two.

    In February 10th, Liaoning Baoshan ecological Coatings Co., Ltd. ushered in the first day of the full resumption of work. The company produced the epidemic prevention at the top and bottom, so that the epidemic prevention production was two. In the workshop, many production lines, such as filling coating, processing and packaging, have been put into use. Workers with masks are busy with their work. The production work is proceeding steadily and orderly. The first day's capacity has reached 30 tons, which is basically the same as that before the festival. In fact, according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Yingkou during the Spring Festival, the company has already made preparations for various production ahead of schedule. The leading group of epidemic prevention and control was set up at the first time after the festival.

    2020-03-07 Xyelong Eighty-seven

  • Mayor Xu Guiqing and his party came to Baoshan for investigation and condolence.

    In February 10, 2020, the mayor of Yingkou Xu Guiqing and his party came to Liaoning Baoshan ecological coating Co., Ltd. to investigate and condolence, and made a detailed understanding of the number of enterprises returning to work and the epidemic prevention and control work, and promptly sent 2000 emergency prevention and control materials masks. As early as the outbreak of the outbreak of the first time, the company quickly set up the "epidemic prevention and control work leading group", formulated the "new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work plan", carried out a detailed arrangement for the epidemic prevention work. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of employees, there have been two delayed release notice, and the normal payment of wages, so that employees feel deeply once again.

    2020-02-11 One hundred and six

  • Liaoning Furniture Association 20th anniversary celebration, Baoshan paint reputation

    In December 9, 2019, "the same heart, the same dream," the 20th anniversary celebration of the Liaoning Furniture Association and the 2019 Liaoning industry annual meeting was held in Shenyang. Hundreds of well-known business representatives from all over the country gathered together to celebrate the 20 th birthday of the Liaoning Furniture Association. LOL电竞外围 as vice president unit attended the event. At the meeting, Zu Shuwu, President of Liaoning Furniture Association, welcomed and thanked the guests present and commended the enterprises that made outstanding contributions to the furniture industry in the past 20 years. LOL电竞外围 has been awarded the "influence brand award" for its excellent product quality and excellent customer service. Treasure

    2019-12-14 Two hundred and twenty-two

  • The the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee spirit of the party enters Baoshan

    On the morning of December 13, 2019, the lecturers of the Yingkou municipal Party committee went to Baoshan to give lectures on the spirit of the party in the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. Professor Li Miao, the lecturer group, was the keynote speaker, and more than 80 party members and cadres from various units of the private enterprises in the FTA and Baoshan workers attended the lecture. In the lecture, Professor Li Miao, combining his own thoughts on the spirit of the the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee document, and around the three plates, thoroughly interpreted the spirit of the party in the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, systematically analyzed the general requirements, overall objectives and key tasks of the decision, and pointed out the way to fully implement the objectives and tasks put forward by the plenary session.

    2019-12-14 Xyelong One hundred and six

  • Good news - Liaoning coast Wantong Logistics Co., Ltd. won the two awards of the 2019 China chemical logistics industry gold pot award.

    On December 5, 2019 -7, sponsored by the China logistics and purchasing Federation hazardous chemicals logistics sub committee, the 2019 annual national chemical logistics industry annual meeting was held in Wuhu, Anhui. With the theme of "innovation, chain, collusion and pluralistic development", the conference converged on the strength of industry experts and the elite of many chemical industries, and comprehensively explored the development, transformation and innovation of chemical logistics, and scientifically and effectively made clear plans for the industry trends and objectives in 2020. At the annual meeting, the series of "2019 China chemical logistics industry gold cans Award" was released. Liaoning coastal Wantong Logistics Co., Ltd. is in the "golden pot Award".

    2019-12-07 Two hundred and fifteen

  • Do not forget the original mind, remember the mission - Liaoning Baoshan ecological Coatings Co., Ltd., Bank of China Limited by Share Ltd, Yingkou Bohai branch Party branch signed a pair of co construction agreements.

    In order to carry out the theme education of "never forget the original mind and remember the mission", we should promote the mutual promotion and mutual promotion of the Party branch, and the Party branch should actively carry out the activities of pairing and building together. In December 5, 2019, several branches of the Party branch of Bank of China Yingkou Bohai branch were led by Ma Xiao Secretary to the Liaoning Baoshan ecological coating Co., Ltd. for discussion and discussion, and signed the agreement of Party building with Baoshan general Party branch. At the meeting, Ji Chao, Secretary of the Party branch of Baoshan, warmly welcomed the arrival of members of the Party branch, and introduced the development process of the company and the development of the party building characteristic work. Then the two sides surround their own advantages of their respective party organizations.

    2019-12-07 Xyelong Ninety-four

  • Liaoning TV "Liaoning news" column special coverage of Baoshan party building work

    In December 5, 2019, the news column of Liaoning TV "Liaoning news" broadcast the news entitled "theme education has grasps, close to the actual results", and made a special report on the important initiatives and highlights of our party's construction since the theme of "not forget the original mind and remember the mission". Liaoning Baoshan ecological coating Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise. In 2001, the company set up the first party branch in Yingkou which was required by private entrepreneurs to set up in private enterprises. This "first" carries the honor of our enterprises, and lays a good political foundation and organization for enterprises to carry out ideological and political work effectively.

    2019-12-06 One thousand eight hundred and four

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