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  • A lively party class -- "with the party, with one heart and one mind, walking together"

    In order to commemorate the 99th anniversary founding of the Communist Party of China, we should further guide the majority of Party members and staff members of private enterprises to listen firmly to Party words, Party members and Party members to show the style of Party organizations and Party members of private enterprises. Recently, the Party Working Committee of the Yingkou free trade zone held the same heart and mind with the party, and went to the "99th anniversary reading competition" of the non-public enterprises in the FTA free trade zone. The commendation of the same peer is commended at the party and group activity center. Zhu Hengnan, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the free trade area and executive deputy director of the management committee, Wang Weiqiang, deputy director of the Management Committee of the free trade area, took part in the activities. This time, there are 11 non-public organizations.

    2020-07-04 Xyelong Three

  • Reviewing the pledge of joining the party and remembrance of joining the party -- the Party branch of Liaoning Baoshan group commemorates the founding of the Communist Party of China 99th anniversary

    In June 29th, the general Party branch of the Baoshan group of Liaoning carried out "to review the pledge of joining the party, not to forget the beginning of the party, and to strengthen the ideals and beliefs". Commemorate the founding of the Communist Party of China 99th anniversary. The Party Day event was chaired by Comrade Mu Ping, deputy secretary of the general Party branch. In the event, all the party members of the group faced the party flag in front of their employees. In order to relive the pledge of joining the party, they put together a party class for the party members. In order to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, clear their hearts and missions, and control the party members' standards, some party members shared their responsibilities for joining the party and their Communists in their activities. Facing the scarlet party flag, Ji Chao Secretary led the new and old as an oath.

    2020-07-01 Xyelong Two

  • Liaoning Baoshan ecological Coatings Co., Ltd. won double awards in the industry.

    Liaoning Baoshan ecological coating Co., Ltd. has won the two awards of "the same boat battle love offering Award" and "the model award of the same boat fight epidemic rehabilitation". We must never lose our mission, keep our hearts fresh, and work safely and comprehensively to resume production under the leadership of the party and the government. We will make positive contributions to the fight against epidemic prevention and control and economic development.

    2020-06-11 Xyelong Twenty-five

  • The leaders of the Liaoning free trade area and the leaders of the Shenyang municipal Party committee have visited our party to supervise the work of Party building at the grass-roots level.

    On the morning of June 9th, comrade Wang Zhifei, deputy director of the Party Working Committee of the Shenyang District of the Liaoning free trade area, and Comrade Yang Yining, director of the Party Building Work Department of the non-public economic organization of the Shenyang municipal Party committee, Fan Yongtao, Minister of Party and group work of the Shenyang Area Management Committee of the Liaoning free trade area, and Yang Chen, deputy director of the Party Building Work Department of the non-public economic organization of Shenyang municipal Party committee, and other leaders at various levels, were sent to the leaders of various levels. Our company inspects. Li Qizhi, Vice Minister of the Yingkou municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Secretary Liu Xingzhen, Wei Qun section chief, party secretary and director Zhang Dong of the Yingkou free trade area, Tan Ying and vice minister Zhao Jing accompanied the visiting director. Ji Chao explains the development history of the company for leaders.

    2020-06-11 Xyelong Thirty-nine

  • Baoshan group love donation 500 thousand, rush to epidemic prevention and control!

    The outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia has hit the whole country in recent years. The development of the epidemic has affected the hearts of every Chinese. In order to win the battle against the epidemic, the whole nation has been united in one's own efforts, and all sectors of society have contributed to this special battle service in their own way. At this critical moment, Liaoning Baoshan group as a highly social responsibility of the local private enterprises, adhering to the good corporate culture as always, and responded quickly. In February 1st, the company donated 500 thousand yuan to the Yingkou Red Cross with all the staff to support the epidemic prevention and control work. The company sends to all staff on 30 January.

    2020-02-10 Xyelong Four hundred and eighty-five

  • Baoshan love work - let the old people and children's Spring Festival warmer

    In 2020, the Spring Festival of the Lunar New Year is coming. As one of the traditional festivals celebrated by the Chinese people, there are many people in the streets and alleys. In order to let the widowed elderly and the left behind children have the same warm and auspicious Spring Festival, in January 2020, the Liaoning Baoshan group love group came to the children's home of Yao Sen, Bao Yulong's home and Gai Zi Street nursing home of the central school in Tong Chi Town, Dashiqiao. In January 10th, under the leadership of Secretary General of the Party branch and Ji Chao of the trade union, the love group represented the chairman and the whole staff.

    2020-01-15 Xyelong One hundred and five

  • Liaoning Baoshan ecological Coatings Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "green factory" in Liaoning province.

    In December 25, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology of Liaoning officially announced the fourth batch of demonstration list of green manufacturing system construction. Liaoning Baoshan ecological Coatings Co., Ltd. was honored to enter the list of provincial green factories. The selection is aimed at creating a number of green manufacturing advanced models and quickly leading the green transformation of related industries in our province. Therefore, there are high standards for the infrastructure, management system, energy input and environmental emissions of enterprises. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the green development mode with high technology content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution, and has passed the ISO in the industry.

    2019-12-28 Xyelong One hundred and forty-four

  • With snow as a guide, highlighting the spirit of Baoshan

    In December 22, 2019, Yingkou welcomed the first heavy snow since the winter of this year. Overnight, the beautiful city was wrapped in snow and white. The white winter snow has decorated the city for us, bringing joy and joy at the same time, it also brings inconvenience to our trip. In the early morning of December 23rd, the Liaoning Baoshan group immediately organized the workers to start the snow clearing operation with the order of snow. During the cleaning process, we were very active and energetic. Without fear of wind and snow and cold, broom, shovel, snow shovel, sweeping shovel and shovel, we worked closely together, and soon we would soon make the factory roads.

    2019-12-23 Xyelong One hundred and forty-eight

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