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Liaoning Baoshan group

Address: China (Liaoning) free trade zone Yingkou 95 west blue Street West

Zip code: 115004

Tel: 0417-4838382

Fax: 0417-4892765

Mail box :

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Talent recruitment

  Telephone : 0417-4892751

  Mailbox: Bsjt_

 Picture keywords Media cooperation

  Telephone 0417-4892762

Mailbox: Admin@baoshangroup. COM

 Picture keywords Engineering business cooperation

    Telephone : Eighteen billion six hundred and forty million seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand eight hundred and ninety-five


 Picture keywords   Supplier cooperation

  Telephone: 0417-4892778

 Picture keywords Technical service

   Telephone: Fifteen billion nine hundred and forty million seven hundred and five thousand two hundred and fifty-eight

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  Tel: 0417-4838991

  mailbox :


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